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Chilli Boy is a life style.  Chilli Boy is made with love. Full of intense flavours,  feel the heat and enjoy the passion of Chilli Boy products. Only the finest and freshest ingredients are used and the Chillies get their heat from the strong sun of the Algarve coast in Portugal. Try it. Live a little. Buy it Now


The most deliciously hot oil in existence!


Our Line of Products:

pag_inicial_piriChilli Boy Piri Piri Oil – 100ml

The traditional hot and spicy virgin olive oil that is renowned as a truly Portuguese product. Almost all Portuguese families have a secret recipe and it is one of these guarded recipes that Chilli Boy was fortunate enough to come by. It is hot, spicy and flavoursome and when added to a dish about to be enjoyed, it enhances the dish and makes the meal a treat.

_pag_inicial_saladoil Chilli Boy Salad Oil – 100ml

The label says it all. Not just virgin olive oil but a medley of flavours that are infused over a two month period. It is fruity and warm, lovely for dipping or adding to salads. Very good in a chocolate cake recipe.


pag_inicial_cooking Chilli Boy Cooking Paste – 100ml

Chilli Boy’s gold star winner at the Great taste awards in England.

Herbs and spices are blended together in virgin olive oil to give a flavour to meats, and poultry, for stews, grills, barbecues and marinades. A little goes a long way.


Chilli Boy Strawberry Chilli Jam – 160ml

Lovely strong strawberry flavours with a warm after taste. Great on it’s own on bread or toast or with strong cheese. Drizzled over cheese cake it is a winner.

pag_inicial_powderChilli Boy Ground Chilli Powder – 100ml

This is as fresh as it gets. Dried in the sun and then in the smoke oven and mixed with garlic and black pepper it makes any dish spicy in seconds if sprinkled over or added to the cooking process. Put it in a shaker and use it like a salt.


Chilli Boy Pickled Chillies – 320ml

Hot hot hot pickled chillies. Very good chopped and sprinkled on pasta, pizza and stews.



Chilli Boy Spicy Olives – 320ml

These olives are pickled with a hint of chilli. Great for snacks at parties or barbecues.


pag_inicial_chutneyChilli Boy Chutney – 320ml

Chilli Chutney, it’s chunky and mouth watering, it’s tangy flavour goes well with cheeses, on sandwiches, pasta dishes and meaty stews.