Conceição & Cabanas de Tavira


Snack Bar Restaurante Rosália

Rosalia’s Snack Bar Restaurant in Conceicão de Tavira is a charming street cafe. The tables spill onto the street and customers should get there early to get a table. All the menu is good but Chilli Boy especially loves the flavour of the grilled chocos (cuttle fish). Only open at lunch time.



913 217 613

R. 25 de Abril 13A, 8800-074 Conceição de Tavira


Restaurante O Monteiro​

Restaurante O Monteiro at the end of the road along the front of Cabanas de Tavira and in front of the boat station for Cabanas Island is your typical busy Portuguese restaurant. Make sure you are starving when you go because the portions are large and every mouthful is a treat. Their octopus and clams is something you should try as well as their fish cakes. Fabulous.



281 370 825

Av. Ria Formosa, 8800-594 Cabanas de Tavira


Xicken & Cia (Xicken Piri Piri)​

Large Churrasqueira Barbecue Grill style Restaurant, where the cuisine is all based on  charcoal grilled dishes served with unique house sauces. Great quality with super fair price. In addition to the “Chicken PiriPiri”, there are other specials unique to the house by the taste and quality. For example the “Pork Ribs”, the “Piglet Belly” or the “Grilled Cod”, accompanied by Homemade Crisps, Baby Roasted Potatoes and or the Mediterranean Salads. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere indoors or the relaxing outdoor terrace, with easy and private parking,



968 437 710

EN 125 – Caiana Cx. Postal 593 S, 8800-072


A Charrete​

Good variety of food tasty food, un-pretencious home cooking. The restaurant has wide open outdoor terrace with comfortable indoors and easy parking. The braised tuna with sesame is melt in the mouth stuff whilst the ChilliBoy Piri Piri chicken is delicious. The menu has something for everyone, on the seafood/fish list the highlight has to be the fantastic cuttlefish or the grilled salmon.



934 889 509

R. da Nora Branca 315S, 8800-593 Cabanas de Tavira


Restaurante Ideal

It’s a family owned restaurant with charming impeccable table service. The star of the show is definitely the Sopa do Mar (Seafood soup)  in a loaf of bread, something you have to try once in a lifetime!!. Be warned you are advised to pre-order your soups the day before, The menu does offer a variety of dishes, the breaded octopus with rice and beans certainly worth the praise that it gets. To mention just a few that are really worth considering, either the Tuna fish, baby squid or cod à Brás are excellent. The meat section is just as inviting with wonderful steaks or the ever popular tasty pork and clams with beans,  In closing try the outstanding tomato rice as a side dish with one of your mains, simply brilliant.



281 370 232

R. Infante Dom Henrique 15, 8800-591 Cabanas de Tavira


Restaurante Noélia - Cabanas de Tavira​

The flavours of the estuary and the sea combined with the magic that Chef Noélia works with, results in an explosion of flavours that is difficult to explain but that last on the palate. It is undoubtedly the result of cooking with the heart, associated with the magnificent gift of knowing that what is fresh and natural can only result in success!. Extremely popular so try and make a reservation, it’s essential.