Associação Agro-Cinegética dos Estorninhos​

This is a traditional family run establishment (located inside the building of the local hunters association) in the middle of the east algarve mountains. You can hear the roosters around and smell the delightful aromas coming from the mountains! Your host and Chef Marcia is amazing. The local’s favourite dish is definitely the lamb chops with the mint sauce! Here you have genuine unbeatable quality vs. price, Marcia is a wonderfully talented and friendly chef that uses locally produced ingredients. The really outstanding gems are the plates that you must order at least 24 hours in advance – for example, pork meat with sea clams, seafood risotto, or any wild meat caught by the local hunters. – this is not the Ritz, as you will notice in the prices.



963 780 997 / 281 403 062

R. de Estorninhos 305Z