Largo São Domingos (LSD)​

A very pleasant terrace with the option of a beautiful interior location with a more than creative menu than can be expected from most restaurants. The smoked salmon with black pan and manzana sorbet is an absolute must for a starter. There are a variety of “to share dishes” perfect as a main or simply go for a main. Try the Duck Rice, rice with several slices of well-cooked duck breast and bacon, pork strands, bits of apricot and more. A fish preference could be the croaker with lemon rice and seaweed, divine. The house suggestion for meat lovers is the  entrecôte done as you like with vegetables which cames with chestnuts, broccoli and mushrooms in puff pastry. But for a totally new experience you have to give the “Steak Tatar on the Bone” a try, simply outstanding.



910 298 589

Largo São Domingos 78, 4050-545 Porto