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Delicious recipes. Vibrant pictures. Enjoyable little details and a wonderful feel good edge.

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I’m No Chef but I can cook, is a book full of wonderful recipes from the travels of the author Viv Thomas. It is not only a cookery book but a book full of feeling and personal experiences. The recipes all have a pupose for being featured and the photography is vibrant. Each Recipe is big on flavour and sampled by friends and family to make sure you get what it says on the cover.

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Viv Thomas

The Author is ex Rhodesian/Zimbabwe and famed glamour photographer.

16 reviews for I’M NO CHEF BUT I CAN COOK

  1. Avril Thomas

    This is a fabulous book. Not only for the cooking but for the personal feel that draws you in. I’m no Chef but I can Cook has the adventrues of photographer Viv Thomas, with entertaining anecdotes, beautiful photographs and easy to make delicious recipes from a mix of family, friends and restauranteurs-chefs-who have become friends, from around the world. Full of warmth from real friends, you will find authentic flavours from Portugal, Mozambique, South Africa, the Maldives, just to name a few, and the people that live there.If you love simple yet tasty food prepared with genuine passion, you will love the way Viv prepares it, with his discriptive accounts and charming snapshots.

  2. Pedro Calvinho

    This book is amazing! Great recipes, stunning photography and the personal life of a GREAT FRIEND will keep you hooked. Everything was planned very carefully for this book to become such an amazing piece. You really should buy it, you won’t regret it. I’m also not a Chef but with these recipes I’ll definitely be able to cook as well.

    • Avril Thomas

      Thank you Pedro,
      Your help was a blessing for us and we are so happy that the book has not disappointed. It is special. Enjoy.

  3. Silvia Azevedo

    It’s an amazing book, the recipes are marvelous. I must say that it’s not only a book it’s a peace of art. Congratulations for the achievement.

    • Avril Thomas

      Thank you Silvia,
      The books art is your pleasure and we believe you will have a lot of pleasure from it.

  4. Graham Stones

    Fantastic book. Just cooked the Mozambique prawns detailed in the book and they are seriously good. Looking forward to trying more

    • Avril Thomas

      Thank you. It would appear you have only just got started. Have fun and enjoy.

  5. David L Bolles

    A must have for all those aspiring cooks who have trouble in the kitchen.

    • Avril Thomas

      Have fun in your kitchen with this book. No matter how you work it it will be good.

  6. Susana Palaio

    Simple recipes with a refined and delicious touch … The simplest cook makes a delicacy of the Gods. I bought the book for myself, but my Son already took it … This book is the result of someone who loves to receive well… We must talk about the beautiful binding, with funny pictures and delicious life stories … I hope you get the book translated into Portuguese …

    • Avril Thomas

      Thank you for your special words. Your discription of the book is exactly what it is and also you have understood the reason for creating the book. To have fun with food, to enjoy good food, to know how the book came about and to know the Viv Thomas that brought it to life.
      We thank you.

  7. Shawn Lock (verified owner)

    This is an incredible book. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, and the photography is wonderful. There’s such a wide range of flavors in the recipes. It’s truly a unique book in my collection of cook books. There’s also a lot more to learn in the book as well. I’m so glad I purchased this. It will help me to expand my cooking range. Thanks Viv and team!

    • Avril Thomas

      Thank you Shawn,
      May your kitchen always be full of mouth watering flavours and aromas, to share with many friends.

  8. Lara Philp

    What a sumptuously, decadent, delicious cookbook; home to lip-smackingly delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. Written and cooked with real heart and soul!!!
    You are a Rockstar Viv, we waiting for Number 2 xxx

  9. Robert Pretorius

    Having had the good fortune of eating Viv’s food, I will definately be ordering this book. I watched him prepare many meals with such meticulousness and enthusiasm. His chilli oils and sauces are to die for and his taste in wine is second to none. Cant wait for it to arrive.

    • Avril Thomas

      Thank you so much Rob. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and even more of a pleasure that Chilli Boy has made it’s mark on you.

  10. Reto

    It’s an amazing book. Not the normal kind of cooking book, it’s different and that’s so cool about it! The menues are easy to create and even a not so talented cook like me can achieve great results. My wife is very impressed 😉 I can highly recommend it.

  11. Steve Winyard

    How about WOW !
    I love cooking..I’m not great, but I do like experimenting and this wonderful book allows me to do just that. It is clever, well written, easy on the eye and obviously created with passion and it shows. I will be buying this for my friends as its a must share.

  12. Mitch farber

    This book is terrific! I suck at cooking but have been able to use these easy to follow recipes and from it, I have made some outstanding dishes. I highly recommend it.

  13. Judit

    I love the cover of the book! And the photos inside are amazing. Glad to see some recepies from my country in the book and he cooks them how I would do myself. I like the recepies from all around the world it feels like traveling but in your own kitchen. Recepies are clear and easy to follow.

  14. Graham Waugh

    So easy to follow great easy to make meals that are so tasty. I know what a lot of my friends are getting for Christmas. You need to have this book in your kitchen

  15. Jonathan Krogman

    My wife and I love this hot sauce. A restaurant when we were traveling in Portugal carried it, and we both fell in love with it. We took a picture of the bottle, and when we returned home, we searched for it online. We found it here on Chilliboy.com and ordered a case! We use it for everything from adding to dips, sauces and adding spice to meat, fish, and poultry– YUM!

  16. Tony OBrien

    What an experience, an entertaining book with wonderful photos, taking a trip through Portugal with easy to follow often unusual recipes. A must for cooks at all levels.

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