Chilli Boy Kitchen (English Version)

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Delicious recipes. Vibrant pictures. Enjoyable little details and a wonderful feel good factor.

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Receitas deliciosas. Imagens vibrantes. Pequenos detalhes agradáveis e uma sensação maravilhosa boa vantagem.

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Chilli Boy Kitchen, the 2nd culinary book from the big flavour man Viv Thomas is finally here.

Chilli Boy Kitchen is everything hot and Spicy, from growing your own chillies, drying them, and preparing your own sauces with related herbs and spices. Great easy to follow, step by step instruction for amazing mouth watering dishes. Accompanied by beautifully photographed images to illustrate what your creation should finally look like at your table. This cookery book is a joy.

Created with the novice and more experienced cooks in mind, Chilli Boy Kitchen is a guide to all things deliciously spicy.
Whilst this book is dedicated to the use of chillies and leans heavily on the side of hot spices, with a little discretion one can reduce or cut out the chilli and still have delicious results that the whole family can enjoy.

Chilli Boy Kitchen is centred around the ever growing popularity of chilli and hot dishes. His anecdotal style and beautifully photographed dishes in I’m No Chef but I can Cook are carried through with extra excellence and detail in the 2nd book Chilli Boy Kitchencommunicating his love for big flavours and chilli spiked dishes.

Chilli Boy Piri Piri is fast being recognised as the premium piri piri oil in Portugal, which was the inspiration for the Chilli Boy Kitchen cook book. Chilli Boy Kitchen is not only a cookbook, it is a page turner of wonderful vibrant colours that tantalises the senses, and with Christmas fast approaching it would make for a very special gift to send or buy for that friend or family member that has a love for the heat in a meal, or simply enjoys cooking.

This is a beautiful book, worthy of its place in any kitchen.
The book can be personally signed by Viv Thomas and dedicated to the person of your choice.


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Viv Thomas

The Author is ex Rhodesian/Zimbabwe and famed glamour photographer.

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  1. Avril Thomas

    Great book!

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