Spicy Strawberry Jam


The strong sweet strawberry jam is a delight on the pallet but it comes with an unexpected punch.  The warmth of the chilli creeps up to give you a surprisingly satisfying flavour. The sweet and the spice are enhanced when eaten together with full flavoured cheeses.


enLovely strong strawberry flavours with a warm after taste. Great on it’s own on bread or toast or with strong cheese. Drizzled over cheese cake it is a winner.

Ingredients: 55% Strawberries, Sugar, Fruit pectin, Lemon juice, fresh ground chillies.

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ptAdoráveis sabores fortes e quentes de morango. Maravilhoso para barrar no pão ou torradas. Experimente juntar a um Cheesecake.

Ingredientes: 55% Morangos, Açúcar, Pectina de frutas, Suco de limão, pimentões frescos.

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