Churrasqueira A Caracolinha

Churrasqueira A Caracolinha is the place to go to for the best grilled chicken take away in Tavira and surrounding areas. All their grilled meats and their dishes of the day are great but their chicken is a cut above the rest. You can also ask for Piri Piri grilled chicken which they make with our very own Chilli Boy Paste.

281 381 069

Largo da Caracolinha, Nº 9 8800-310 Tavira, Portugal

Algarve Lux SA- Castro Marim Golfe


Donna Olinda

Donna Olinda is a pleasure to eat at. The terrace facing the river  in Tavira is a relaxing space to enjoy a great meal. The chef Sergio, produces wonderful Portuguese dishes that are delicious with good wines on offer. They make the most mouth watering leitao (pork belly) on certain days. Book yours because it is very popular with the locals.


965 443 443

R. Chefe António Afonso 31, 8800-636 Tavira

O Camilo Restaurante

O Camilo Restaurante perched on the top of the beautiful coast of Lagos at O Camilo beach is a special place. The fish on offer is straight from the ocean to your table, and served to you as perfection on a plate. The views across the ocean and the stone sculptures the wind has created rise from the sea in front of you. You have to book as you can imagine everyone wants to share in this experience.


968 691 143

Estr. da Ponta da Piedade, 8600-544 Lagos

O Xafariz

O Xafariz, is a working mans eatery attached to the Galp garage in Almancil. Not open at night but   very busy for lunch with all the business people in the surrounding area. The plate of the day is always satisfying Portuguese food with great flavour. The great upside is the price, that’s why it is a working mans restaurante.


289 070 255

Estr. Fonte Santa, 8135-016

Pizzaria Di Romma

Pizzaria di Romma near the blue bridge in Tavira has great pasta dishes and Chilli Boy believes the best lasanha around. They will also deliver to the surrounding area which makes for a delicious trouble free meal. If you visit the restaurant, a little atmospheric place don’t forget to ask for Chilli Boy Piri Piri for your pizza.


966 212 117

R. Chefe António Afonso 15, 8800-636 Tavira

Pizzaria Fenicia

Pizzaria Fenicia in the tiny Caracolinha square just off the new bridge in Tavira is the place for great pizzas. The pastry is paper thin and crispy, Chilli Boy loves the Mafiosa Pizza with Chilli Boy salsa base. This pizza restaurant and the Churrasqueira A Caracolinha grill next door have been in the same place for over 20 years. This should tell you something.


281 325 175

Largo da Caracolinha n.º2, 8800-310 Tavira

Restaurante O Monteiro

Restaurante O Monteiro at the end of the road along the front of Cabanas de Tavira and in front of the boat station for Cabanas Island is your typical busy Portuguese restaurant. Make sure you are starving when you go because the portions are large and every mouthful is a treat. Their octopus and clams is something you should try as well as their fish cakes. Fabulous.


281 370 825

Av. Ria Formosa, 8800-594 Cabanas de Tavira

Snack-Bar Restaurante Rosália

Rosalia’s Snack Bar Restaurant in Conceicão de Tavira is a charming street cafe. The tables spill onto the street and customers should get there early to get a table. All the menu is good but Chilli Boy especially loves the flavour of the grilled chocos (cuttle fish). Only open at lunch time. 


913 217 613

R. 25 de Abril 13A, 8800-074 Conceição de Tavira

Restaurante Rio

Restaurant Rio in Manta Rota is the first restaurant you can fall into as you come off the beach at Manta Rota. The terrace upstairs gives you lovely views of the beach and the breeze cools your tan. Local fish is on the menu with the best sardines when they are in season.


Zeca da Bica

Zeca da Bica, fondly known as Bica by all the locals is a Portuguese restaurant that delivers portuguese food like Mama used to make. You will find all the favourite local dishes on their menu and you will not be disappointed. Grilled fish, lamb chops and many others.


281 323 843

R. Alm. Cândido dos Reis 22, 8800-318 Tavira

Taska Madeira

A Portuguese eating house and possibly the cheapest anywhere on the Algarve. Half a roast chicken is one of their specialities at €4-90 a dish including salad and chips, you can’t get much better than that for a great chicken. Another of there specialities and a must either as a starter or a main dish is the fried baby squids, finger licking great. 


281 328 742

R. do Alto do Cano 4, 8800-406 Tavira

Tasquinha da Paula

The Tasquinha is owned and run by a wonderful couple, Paula in the kitchen and Luis front of house. This couple are from the north, serving authentic dishes mainly from their region, which include Javali (Wild Boer), Chamfana de Cabrito (Kid stew in the oven), Bacalhao a Lagareiro (Grilled Cod Fish).  In summer they offer genuine Al-fresco dining under the trees off to the side of the restaurant, a lovely peaceful experience.


281 109 152

Largo dos Mártires da República 3, 8800-397 Tavira

A Barquinha

This quaint little restaurant is on the Tavira water front overlooking the docked fishing boats. Angolan sisters, Elizabeth in the kitchen and Julia up front will look after you with enthusiasm and their very special charm. ChilliBoy is of the opinion that they serve the best grilled Sea Bass or Golden Bream, (Robalo or Dourada escalado) opened out and grilled on a charcoal fire, that can be found on the Algarve coast.


281 322 843

R. José Pires Padinha, 8800-354 Tavira

Polvo & Companhia

One of many restaurants on the water front in Santa Luzia. Polvo & Compnhia is worth a special mention simply because of the attention to detail from owner and chef Hagmitt. The menu is octopus orientated but does offer a good range of fish and other delightful dishes. Top of the list is their Polvo Lagareiro, one of the best you’re likely to experience.


281 370 459

Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 10, 8800-545 Santa Luzia

Ponto de Encontro

Is full of surprises, good service and phenomenal cuisine. From the starters, through the mains to deserts will never disappoint, tasty food, impeccable presentation. The house octopus has to be top of the list, fantastic


281 323 730

Praça Dr. António Padinha 39, 8800-637 Tavira


As the title says lovely setting beside the river, one of the few restaurants in Tavira with seating on the actual river bank. The service is attentive with quality food, a perfect opportunity to sit back relax, enjoy the views, drink brilliant wines and talk about things great in life. The tapas style dishes are delicious, try the crunchy prawns with dipping sauces or alternatively ChilliBoy Prawns and lime are both finger licking good. An all time favourite, Regional Clams with Lime Sauce and Crispy Garlic will never disappoint.


281 327 481

R. Borda d`Água da Asseca 1, 8800-411 Tavira

O Castelo

Junior and Georgina another husband and wife combination. Without question Junior serves the best steaks you could wish for, most certainly on the Algarve. Each cut is personally attended to by Junior on the open fire and cooked to perfection. The ChilliBoy Spicy Grilled Prawns are also well worth it, great as a starter but frequently ordered as a main dish.


915 087 614

R. da Liberdade 76, 8800-407 Tavira

O Ribeiro

This is a typical Portuguese Churrasqueira (Grill House) where all the locals will congregate for their lunch breaks., the tourists tend to prefer the evenings. This is one of those restaurants that has survived over the years by word of mouth and its reputation. Remember the Portuguese consider meal times an opportunity to relax, enjoy friendships, drink wine and talk about good food. So if you’re looking for service out of the blocks and a quick turn around on your food, you could be disappointed. However if you want honest, genuine wholesome meals then this is the place for you. Anything on the grill is outstanding be it fish, chicken and or meat. To mention a few, the grilled squid, the pork secrets (segredos de porco), the steamed clams and the Piri Piri Chicken, their stews are exceptional, typically from the region. 


289 395 697

R. José Vicente de Brito 42, 8135-136 Almancil


Well-prepared homemade food, very pleasant space, experience their delicious Algarvian dishes. As a starter, try the mussels à bulhão duck, the suggested main dish is obviously their speciality of the house, grilled chicken with ChilliBoy Piri Piri , the tuna belly is divine. Exceptional food, serviced by polite people, helpful with outstanding service.


963 882 952

R. Alm. Cândido dos Reis 139, 8800-318 Tavira

The Black Anchor Irish Bar

A great selection of seating both in-doors or out on the terrace on the river bank overlooking Tavira, with a beautiful hidden beer garden out the back. The menu has a variety of different meals, the fish is always fresh and the spare ribs will have you licking your fingers as are the crunchy chicken wings with ChilliBoy Piri Piri. The place to spend a lazy sunny day chilling out in a beautiful location. 


916 822 117

R. Borda d`Água da Asseca 46 50, 8800-325 Tavira

António Tá Certo

One of the last few remaining restaurants still allowed right on the beach in their original configuration. Antonios has a romantic atmosphere with a choice of outdoor dining with Scenic views or Indoor dining and a great selection from the wine list. They have an excellent menu, but here we go with ChilliBoy’s premium selection, their succulent fresh fish every day, one of the best Piri Piri Chickens on the beach and Lamb Chops done to perfection every time.


289 396 456

Bungavília Plaza, Praia Vale do Garrão, Almancil, 8135-170 Faro

O Tacho

This is a genuine Portuguese no frills Churrasqueira. The speciality of the house is their Chicken Piri Piri on the grill, served with chips and side salad included in the price. Another gem from the grill is the Leitão (Suckling pig) a wonderful Portuguese traditional dish. Fresh fish on the grill is an alternative non meat eaters. This establishment is frequented by the locals which is reflected in the honest prices for genuine simple food.


281 324 283

N125 102P, Tavira

Xicken & Cia (Xicken Piri Piri)

Large Churrasqueira Barbecue Grill style Restaurant, where the cuisine is all based on  charcoal grilled dishes served with unique house sauces. Great quality with super fair price. In addition to the “Chicken PiriPiri”, there are other specials unique to the house by the taste and quality. For example the “Pork Ribs”, the “Piglet Belly” or the “Grilled Cod”, accompanied by Homemade Crisps, Baby Roasted Potatoes and or the Mediterranean Salads. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere indoors or the relaxing outdoor terrace, with easy and private parking,


968 437 710

EN 125 – Caiana Cx. Postal 593 S, 8800-072

A Capelinha

A restaurant not to be missed, great typical Churrasqueira a delight for the palate and wallet, for a good Portuguese meal! There are 3 basic menus to select from at different prices, €8-50 for the mixed grill chicken, pork chops and spicy sausage, €12-50 for the grilled fish or €15-50 for the rack of lamb. Leitão the beautiful Piglet is only available Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. If you’re wanting Leitão it’s advisable to book two or three days in advance. There are also daily specials at very inviting prices.  Great typical restaurant.


967 532 066

Sítio da Capelinha, 8800-000 Tavira

Associação Agro-Cinegética dos Estorninhos

This is a traditional family run establishment (located inside the building of the local hunters association) in the middle of the east algarve mountains. You can hear the roosters around and smell the delightful aromas coming from the mountains! Your host and Chef Marcia is amazing. The local’s favourite dish is definitely the lamb chops with the mint sauce! Here you have genuine unbeatable quality vs. price, Marcia is a wonderfully talented and friendly chef that uses locally produced ingredients. The really outstanding gems are the plates that you must order at least 24 hours in advance – for example, pork meat with sea clams, seafood risotto, or any wild meat caught by the local hunters. – this is not the Ritz, as you will notice in the prices.


963 780 997 / 281 403 062

R. de Estorninhos 305Z

Dom Petisco

Tradional Algarve Cuisine in the best possible surroundings with  incredible views over the Guadiana and Spain, is all that really can be said about this restaurant. The personal are professional and friendly, and the menu has suggestions on all of the local cuisine, with fresh fish and seafood, especially a wonderful baked bacalhao or the Tuna Belly. The gambas al ajillo, (prawns in garlic) make for an outstanding taster. ChilliBoy is very partial to this establishment great food, friendly crew with reasonable prices.


281 541 853

Estrada da Ponta de Santo António, 8900-227 Vila Real de Santo António

Dona Barca

A wonderful back street restaurant, one of Portimão’s most sort after establishments for the locals and tourists alike. Outstanding fresh fish and seafood, flavors that stay in your memory forever, super affordable prices. Top of the list is their Razor Clam Rice, their seafood and or fish stews are not to be missed, try the seafood açorda. HOWEVER be warned, get there early or be prepared to stand in a queue for 20/30 minutes. The locals know where it’s worth waiting for a top meal at competitive prices.


282 484 189

R. da Barca 22, 8500-740 Portimão

A Muralha

Situated in the heart of the Alfama, just down the road from the Fado Museum. They have a great selection of traditional cuisine at extremely reasonable prices, one of my favourites here is the Baked Cod Fish and Runner beans. Wednesday night is Fado time with a difference, with several different singers, taking in turns to sing, sometimes accompanied by as many as 8 guitarists. Reservations are essential.  


21 886 7089

R. Jardim do Tabaco 112, 1100-139 Lisboa

Maçã Verde

The restaurant is situated just off the Alfama, near the large docking areas for the Super Cruise Liners. Maçã Verde is literally 100 meters down the side street and is totally missed by the tourists. They are as close as you’ll ever get to traditional cuisine in Lisbon, being patronised by business folks and tradesmen alike. Owned and run by 2 charming guys, Ze Brandao and Ze Carlos, they have been recognised in a number of  publications and Portuguese Magazines. Having also been awarded the Golden Toothpick medal, recognition for an excellent no frills Tasca serving Portuguese food at an honest price. 


965 512 266

R. Caminhos de Ferro 1100, 1100-486 Lisboa

Casa Azul

Specializing in very tasty snacks, Chef Jorge Conceicao will attempt to attend to any special request you may have, a really friendly chap. The traditional Portuguese clams in garlic and wine are one of the best, Muxama cured Tuna is particularly good. When available their fresh oysters are not to be missed, corvina pasta or the cheese in the oven with oregano just to mention a few great options. Very good.


960 061 401

R. de Cacela Velha 2, 8900-019 Cacela Velha


Typical Algarvian homemade food, one of the favourites of the house are the lamb chops, with side salad and lovely freshly cooked real chips. For meat lovers the Portuguese Steak is one of the best you’re likely to experience. Alternatively try the spicy fried prawns with garlic or simply the fresh steamed baby shrimps, so very good. For fish lovers the grilled fish is always fresh and done to perfection, otherwise they have a selection of seafood dishes to choose from. They do have a dish of the day, if their lamb stew is on offer, don’t give it a miss.


281 326 363

R. José Joaquim Jara 94, 8800-318 Tavira

A Charrete

Good variety of food tasty food, un-pretencious home cooking. The restaurant has wide open outdoor terrace with comfortable indoors and easy parking. The braised tuna with sesame is melt in the mouth stuff whilst the ChilliBoy Piri Piri chicken is delicious. The menu has something for everyone, on the seafood/fish list the highlight has to be the fantastic cuttlefish or the grilled salmon.


934 889 509

R. da Nora Branca 315S, 8800-593 Cabanas de Tavira

Largo São Domingos (LSD)

A very pleasant terrace with the option of a beautiful interior location with a more than creative menu than can be expected from most restaurants. The smoked salmon with black pan and manzana sorbet is an absolute must for a starter. There are a variety of “to share dishes” perfect as a main or simply go for a main. Try the Duck Rice, rice with several slices of well-cooked duck breast and bacon, pork strands, bits of apricot and more. A fish preference could be the croaker with lemon rice and seaweed, divine. The house suggestion for meat lovers is the  entrecôte done as you like with vegetables which cames with chestnuts, broccoli and mushrooms in puff pastry. But for a totally new experience you have to give the “Steak Tatar on the Bone” a try, simply outstanding.


910 298 589

Largo São Domingos 78, 4050-545 Porto

Ti Maria

Considered by some to be the best restaurant in Tavira, if not on the Algarve, as quoted by clients – “phenomenal food” to “Delicious food” in a tapas style restaurant with friendly attentive service. Owner Pedro is also front of house ensuring that each table gets the attention he expects you to get. The octopus with sweet potato puree ranks as good as you can get, accompanied by puff pastry of miraculous cheese and honey or the honey and walnut puff pastry. Without doubt the best tuna either tartar or braised is what dreams are made of. One of the house absolute specialities has to be the Polvito à Ti Maria plus so many other delightful options.


281 403 268

R. dos Fumeiros de Trás N51, 8800-318 Tavira


It’s a family owned restaurant with charming impeccable table service. The star of the show is definitely the Sopa do Mar (Seafood soup)  in a loaf of bread, something you have to try once in a lifetime!!. Be warned you are advised to pre-order your soups the day before, The menu does offer a variety of dishes, the breaded octopus with rice and beans certainly worth the praise that it gets. To mention just a few that are really worth considering, either the Tuna fish, baby squid or cod à Brás are excellent. The meat section is just as inviting with wonderful steaks or the ever popular tasty pork and clams with beans,  In closing try the outstanding tomato rice as a side dish with one of your mains, simply brilliant.


281 370 232

R. Infante Dom Henrique 15, 8800-591 Cabanas de Tavira

Casa Simão

A traditional family Restaurant, up front of house you have the hilarious hard working twins with papa directing in the kitchen and Mamma hard at work over the pots and pans. Don’t be fooled by the slightly outdated appearance, this is original traditional Portuguese. The menu has a Variety of dishes offering delicious, generous portions at absolutely fantastic prices. For fish lovers, the bream and or sea bass with vegetables and potatoes are outstanding. Meat lovers there are the lamb chops a favourite or one of their steak cuts done to perfection. Simao offers a selected  menu suggesting their daily specials at very good prices. To mention a few monkfish rice, grilled codfish,  stuffed squid, duck rice and the wild boar – Javali which is a must if it’s on offer.


281 321 647

R. João Vaz Corte Real 10, 8800-351 Tavira

Restaurante Marsol

MarSol is a little gem, just off the main drag of Faro Island, a traditional restaurant with a fabulous terrace next to the Ria Formosa. The staff are great folk, friendly and helpful, serving well-prepared dishes. Chef Alberto is ready to prepare a dish that may not be on the menu, ask him for a bacalhau special and you’ll be astonished.The house specialities include their star attraction Arroz de Lingueirão (Razor Clam Rice), possibly the best Feijoada de lingueirão I’ve experienced, Ameijoas á Bulhão Pato (Clams in white wine & garlic), the Cataplana Algarvian Style is worth the wait (there is a 40 minute preparation time, perhaps a good idea to call and order). If you’re a meat lover then you have to try their Black Pork Tender Loin with Clams.


960 432 751

Av. Poente 13, 8005-520 Faro (Ilha de Faro)

Restaurante A Lota Alvor

Their philosophy is very simple: a careful selection of the best and freshest ingredients combined with care in the preparation and presentation of the dishes. We try to serve with the same commitment and care with which we make our dishes! Located next to the old fish auction in Alvor, where the fish was sold daily. The locals still maintain the tradition of meeting there at the end of a day’s work. Simply put the dishes are of superior quality with the emphasis on fish and seafood dishes.


282 458 444

Rua Dr. Frederico Ramos Mendes, 79, Alvor


Aberto de 3ª feira a domingo das 12:00H às 22:30H
Encerra às 2ª feiras


Restaurante The Lyric Alvor

Try this lovely small quaint restaurant with a very chilled vibe and great super friendly attentive staff. It’s popular so can get busy, kitchen is small so there can be a wait. Sit back, enjoy the ambiance with a glass of one of their great wines. They do cater for vegans and gluten free dietary requirements .


R. Marquês de Pombal, 8500-013 Alvor

963 115 236

Restaurante Brisa do Rio Tavira

This restaurant is located in the heart of Tavira Velha, with a roof terrace where you can see the river Gilão! Experience a great dinner on the terrace on a hot night Friendly and efficient service and very tasty food. Owner/Chef, Otávio continues to prepare and serve high quality traditional food in good quantities



The 5 star restaurant of Luz Tavira, with a fresh fish counter to match any market stall. Obviously specialities of the house are anything from the sea, with fresh grilled fish the first choice. Summer on the terrace overlooking the bay is really special for lunches, particularly early evenings watching the sunsets, whilst enjoying the freshness of the seafood/fish accompanied by a superb glass of wine of your choice.


Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 40, 8800-537 Santa Luzia

281 381 670

Restaurante Noélia - Cabanas de Tavira

The flavours of the estuary and the sea combined with the magic that Chef Noélia works with, results in an explosion of flavours that is difficult to explain but that last on the palate. It is undoubtedly the result of cooking with the heart, associated with the magnificent gift of knowing that what is fresh and natural can only result in success!. Extremely popular so try and make a reservation, it’s essential.


Nó de Gosto - Tavira

The name of the restaurant says it all, “Improbable Snacks”. Very well prepared dishes, quick service and friendly. The concept of the restaurant is original, a divine way to settle down and enjoy various different  dishes accompanied by an excellent wine, as recommended by Boss Man Vitor.


Praça Dr. António Padinha 11, 8800-637 Tavira

931 380 343

Água Salgada Marisqueira - Tavira

A real surprise! Extremely fresh seafood, excellently prepared, their seafood rice must be one of the best around, delicious! Grilled fresh fish is a wonderful alternative. Interior restaurant area is small offering a calm environment. The terrace area is always busy for perfect alfresco dining. The small team gives you friendly and pleasant service with a good price-quality ratio, highly recommend.


Mercado Municipal de Tavira-Loja9, Av. Dom Manuel 13, 8800-681 Tavira

281 402 165


Restaurante O Ligério - Vila Nova de Cacela

Situated just after the entrance into Vila Nova de Cacela which is a bonus for parking. It is a simple restaurant with good prices and well-prepared food and friendly staff. Traditional Portuguese cuisine, well craft, with acceptable prices considering they’re in a major tourist area. 


Come na Gaveta - Tavira


Av. Dr. Mateus Teixeira de Azevedo 36, 8800-379 Tavira

Tel: 926 677 879 |

Trinca Espinhas - Portimão


R. da Barca 15, 8500-740 Portimão

Tel: 282 418 854